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  1. LindsLinds97

    Air Force Nurse Transition Program

    Hi! So I am still in the process of getting my packet together to submit in early May when this semesters grades go in. They did say I can use my Major in Nursing GPA which helps me meet with the qualifications! I do not know if that is a hard or soft rule to apply though. As for when to apply, I was under the assumption that the NTP program is something you apply to while you're still in school as it is for brand new nurses, so I would not recommend waiting until after you pass...as this is a long process to apply. Additionally, sometimes you really have to advocate for yourself to get in contact with a recruiter that will help you, so if you really want this, keep pushing for it! Here is a rough timeline of what I have done so far: -January 2020: Contacted an Air Force officer recruiter and got connected with a medical officer recruiter. Met basic guidelines via phone interview to proceed with the process. -Early February: Had interview with officer recruiter. For me this was done via FaceTime because I was about 4 hours away from my recruiters office. This lasted almost 4 hours and we went over every detail of the program. After this meeting, my recruiter sent me paperwork for MEPS and the application paperwork. -Late February: attended MEPS appointment and got medically cleared -March: had another group meeting via zoom (because pandemic) with my recruiter and other applicants. Now: and now we wait until this semester ends and hopefully my grades are where they need to be. Then, I do my final Summer semester with my packet officially submitted and the selection board is happening in July-August I believe. Hope this helps!
  2. LindsLinds97

    Air Force Nurse Transition Program

    Thanks for the replies so far! I am definitely going to look into trying again if I don't get in right away after gaining some experience. Do you have any input on my likelihood of getting selected for this since I am graduating in August rather than in May or December like most nursing programs? I am in a non-traditional cohort so I would graduate in August and my recruiter was talking about OCS in October for me.
  3. LindsLinds97

    Air Force Nurse Transition Program

    Hey Guys, I am looking for some advice from some people that may be familiar with the Air Forces Nurse Transition program and being selected for OCS. I am currently a BSN student graduating on August 7th. I have been interested in joining the military as a nurse right after college, and started the process to apply to the Air Force's nurse transition program. I almost meet all the requirements, except the GPA, which is super super close. I was told I need a 3.5, and my Major GPA is a 3.464 and my overall GPA is a 3.38. I'm pretty deep in the process, already went through MEPS and passed that, and my recruiter and I are waiting to submit the official application in May after this next round of grades goes through so I can hopefully pull my GPA up. My question about this is kind of two pronged. First off, I have a better chance of pulling my Major in Nursing GPA up to a 3.5 than my overall GPA this semester, do you think my Major GPA will work to qualify me? To get both GPA's over 3.5 would require a perfect 4.0. I am working my tail off to get that 4.0 this semester but the classes are hard and a 94% or above in an A in my program, so I know even trying my hardest might not be enough. If I am unable to pull that overall GPA up to a 3.5, is all the work I've put in to qualify for my program for nothing? Is there some sort of waiver for the GPA requirement? I really, really want to be selected and I have some other factors that help me in my application, even my Dean of Nursing wrote me a letter of recommendation. If everything works out I would finish school in August, take the NCLEX, and be off to OCS in October. I am so, so badly hoping this works out, and would love some insight on what everyone thinks about my situation?
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently a senior nursing student at the University of Portland and I am interested in joining the Navy after I graduate in August 2020. I called a recruiter and kind of went down the line trying to go for the NCP but it looks like I was a bit late in the game to pursue that route, so I am planning on entering in after I graduate. I was wondering what the sequence of events would be to do so. Would I be able to graduate with my BSN, pass the N-CLEX, go to a recruiter and start the process? I am quite unfamiliar with how the whole process works and am wondering if I will need to gain experience as a nurse first and then try to join? I would much rather graduate and immediately start the process of entering if that's possible, but I haven't found much information on going in right after graduation when you're not in the nurse candidate program. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

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