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AMNurse154 has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in PCU.

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  1. Banner NEW GRAD RN

    At 6 months they bring up the topic of signing on as core staff. If you choose not to, at 11 months you can start applying to other units. Although I have heard of people doing it sooner. I'm at 7 months and cant wait to apply to other units LOL. The...
  2. 2021 Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency AZ

    I applied, I'm currently working at a different facility though so I'm not sure if that will diminish my chances. This is my second time applying.
  3. Going from bedside to OP 9-5

    Need some advice/opinions. I am a NG nurse without about 6 months experience in Nuero PCU. I really really don't like it. I knew I didn't like neuro, but was told to take the first job offered to me out of nursing school. Patients are confused/c...
  4. Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

    I hope so too!! The other people I know who interviewed haven’t heard anything either
  5. Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

    Did you interview?
  6. Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

    Nope, the waiting is killing me!
  7. Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

    Agreed it wasn't too bad at all. Yes fingers crossed! They called for interview
  8. Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency - February 2020

    Thanks! It went well, I think. It was definitely difficult, but I felt I prepared for it and answered the best I could. Of course after there were things I wish I would have said, but can't really do anything about it now! I know they were doing inte...
  9. Hi guys! Has anyone applied for the Az Mayo February 2020 nurse residency program and/or interviewed yet?? I have an interview next week for med surg!