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  1. I started working in a level 4 NICU as a new grad this past month. I am having trouble with time management. It takes me around 25 min to assess, get vitals, change and weigh their diaper, and get their feeding ready. I heard it should only take me 15 min. I usually start by trying to count respirations by placing my hand on them, I’m not sure if there is a better way to count them? Then I measure their head circumference and feel their fontanels and sutures. Then I take their temperature, which usually makes them cry so when I try to count their HR and listen to their lungs, I can’t get it because their HR is too fast and I can’t hear it. I then listen to their stomach, change their diaper, measure their abdominal girth. I also have a hard time getting their abdominal girth because I don’t know if I’m laying the tape measure correctly or if it’s too low or high. I get the BP and change the pulse ox when they’re calmer. Does anyone have any tips to be able to assess better and quicker? I feel like I’m drowning and I get so behind every day.