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  1. Hi I saw you said you tested out for funds and pharm how was it? I’m planning on taking the test in January but kind of nervous m. After you tested out how many months do u have remaining? 

    1. 305Nurse


      My program will be 12 months since I’ve tested out of those portions. The test was long in my opinion, it took me the max amount of time to get it done. The pharm is a mixture of dosage calculations and scenario questions where you would for example identify a side effect based on the the information given in the question. I will say that the dosage questions were very tricky. I do recall someone stating that on a post. They’ll give you a bunch of information you won’t need to use and you have to determine which information is needed to solve the problem. Just focus on what the question is asking you for and disregard anything that isn’t needed. 


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