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  1. Hello! I am stuck between two accelerated BSN programs: Goldfarb School of Nursing and Mizzou's nursing program. Goldfarb is very expensive ($46,000) and is asking me to pay a deposit for the program in the next month, however I was already accepted. Mizzou has a great value ($26,000), is asking me to enroll in the school and sign up for a prerequisite, but won't tell me if I'm accepted until January (there's a whole interview process involved). I love both schools, so really I'm just worried about adding more loans to the Bachelor's degree I already have. So should I just focus on Goldfarb since I'm accepted, or should I still hold on to Mizzou and continue signing up for enrollment and classes? TLDR: Got accepted to the ABSN that's much more expensive, won't hear back from the other until January. Should I go ahead and go for the one I already have?
  2. vrivera5

    Mizzou Accelerated BSN

    Hi! This is very late so I hope you're still on this chat site, but I had some questions. I got accepted into Goldfarb's accelerated program and have to notify them of my decision soon. However, it is a very expensive program. With the interview process and everything, Mizzou wouldn't tell me about my acceptance until January, even though I have to enroll at Mizzou already and sign up for their classes. So what should I do? Should I take a leap of faith and enroll at Mizzou, or should I settle for Goldfarb? I love Goldfarb's program, I'm just worried about adding loans on top of my other loans.

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