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  1. Tracy

    Anxiety trait index

    I am doing a research proposal and nee Spielberger's anxiety trait index tool. I cannot fond one. If anyone knows a web site that I can get this please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Tracy

    nclex studying

    Get a book like Mosby's from the book store and go over test strategies and do some sample questions. The test is not hard at all. For me it was mostly being able to prioritize patients. I studided for 2 weeks prior to taking the test and I think ...
  3. Tracy

    taking NCLEX-PN while a student in RN school

    States will accept an RN liscence from someone taking the boards before graduating, but some will not recognize you having your BSN.
  4. Tracy

    new to school nursing

    Hi, I am a new grad. I plan to go into school nursing. It seems so scary to get started because you are all alone in the school. There are no other nurses to ask for help. I would appreciate any advise on how to get started. Tracy
  5. Tracy


    I need an extra large blood pressure cuff. I am having a hard time locating one in my area. I have also tried to find a web dealer with no success. Does anyone know of a web site or a store in the San Diego area to buy this item?
  6. Tracy


    Hi, Good luck on your return to school. We were required to buy a book on medical abbreviations. I do not have it with me now so I do not have the title. If you go to a book store or Amazon I am sure you can find one. Tracy
  7. Tracy

    Older Student looking for e-mail buddies

    Hi Island girl I am a 36 yo Bsn student. I have 5 kids and I am in my final semester. It has taken me 6.5 years to complete my degree. I would like to discuss things with you. Tracy
  8. Tracy

    Should I be an LVN or RN?

    I suggest that you continue on the path to an RN. You will get the clinical experience at school. What Rns and Lvns do are different. Being an LVN first will not necessarily make you a better RN. I am in my last semester of a BSN program. I have...
  9. Tracy

    hand written medication cards

    We were reguired to look up all drugs and write up the action, and any nursing considerations. This does help to learn about specific drugs. We were only required to write up the drugs that our patients were taking. We were not graded on this, but...
  10. Tracy

    what is school nursing?

    Hi, I am going to be graduating in December with a BSN. I am interested in school nursing for several reasons. I was wondering If the nurses feel as though they are doing "real" nursing? What is a typical day for a school nurse? People comment t...
  11. Tracy

    Confused english nurse

    Hi Sarah, It would be interesting to hear how nursing school is structured in England. I am in school in Southern California. Here we do three semesters of med-surg then one semester of OB and Peds then a semester of psych and community health th...
  12. Tracy


    In clinical I have a hard time with time management. I start out ok, but at the end of the day I am totally frazzeled trying to complete all of the tasks I need to. Are there any suggestions or simular frustrations. I am feeling as though I will n...
  13. Tracy

    what is it all about

    In the latest American Journal of Nursing there is an article about the growing opprotunities for nurses in research. It says that many drug companies are employing nurses to conduct research. This is an area I am very much interested in also. I w...
  14. Tracy

    Nursing Informatics

    What is nursing informatics?