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  1. justineLVN

    Sac Carrington LVN to RN 2019

    And it's still accurate on it costing 37K? I've down all my pre-req's at my CC so I'm hoping that will help with cost.
  2. justineLVN

    Sac Carrington LVN to RN 2019

    Oh wow! That is nice to know. So you are on campus those two days and only 1 clinical day? so you are only at school 3 days a week? What did they say about how the schedule will be in the future? Like, you are only technically doing the program 3 days a week or class will eventually be M-F with some weekend clinicals? I am just trying to figure that part out. I will be calling today but just getting an idea. That would be awesome for it to only be a few days a week, but I doubt that will be as it's already an accelerated program. I assumed this program being M-F from like 7am - 6pm
  3. justineLVN

    Carrington vs. Unitek

    Anyone know what the differences are as far as cost, schedule, length? I read on another thread carrington is 2 16 week terms and costs 37K, I have no idea about Unitek. I will do my research on both and call but thought I'd start here.
  4. justineLVN

    Sac Carrington LVN to RN 2019

    Hey there, were you able to find out what the schedule looks like for Carrington LVN to RN? I am interested in going this route as well.