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  1. ATI Comprehensive RN 2019

    Can you please share the content with me too? I have a day to prepare for the retake! I am taking it the day after. How do I contact you?
  2. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Please send me a personal message with your name and number so I could add you to the groupme group for our class. The group name is OCCC BADNAP SP 2020. Thank you!
  3. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Has anyone created a facebook page yet? How about connecting through Groupme as well? Anyone up for it?
  4. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I got my acceptance yesterday! Thank you for answering my questions promptly and easing my mind! Appreciate it! Did we create a facebook page yet?
  5. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Thank you for your response. By any chance, do you know that when in general are the waitlist candidates get to hear the final decision? How quick are the waitlist candidates notified about their acceptance, especially when it is alternate 2.5? Also,...
  6. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    Does anyone know what is alternate 2.5? They said I am between 2 and 3. What are my chances of getting in BADNAP?