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  1. Should I quit? When I was in nursing school I couldn't wait to graduate and become a nurse. Now ,as a new grad nurse working on a med surge-oncology floor I feel so overwhelmed. I just want to go back to school. Because in school at least the am...
  2. Cypress Spring 2020

    Hi guys, I got accepted, but I will decline. I hope waitlisted people can use my spot.
  3. Golden West College Spring 2020

    Hi guys, I received my acceptance email today! I was alternate #8
  4. Golden West College Spring 2020

    Oh my god congratulations!!! I’m alternate #8, I hope they let me in too, fingers crossed
  5. Golden West College Spring 2020

    I’m #8, they wrote on my letter that for the previous semester, they usually “put 20 alternates in each classes,”. I talked to me nursing counselor and she said alternates have a really good chance to get in, I hope that would be the case for us. @Co...
  6. Lbcc spring 2020

    i got 4.0 science GPA and 3.92 overall but did not get in, i think this is like playing the lottery, congrats to those who got accepted @km23860 my friend took Aaron Fay at Goldenwest college and said he was chill, lenient and very helpful.
  7. Lbcc spring 2020

    Just kidding, I hope we can all get in, but the waiting is making me crazy @@
  8. Lbcc spring 2020

    Omg guys what is happenningggg???!!! The day is almost end and I have yet to see anything. Are we all gonna get a refusal letter next week or what? ? The last time I had to wait this long was in my mom's womb.
  9. Lbcc spring 2020

    Hi guys, I also apply to lbcc this Spring I was told to expect the email within this week and is now anxiously waiting. From my understanding, they pick people from different GPA groups, and it feels like I'm playing the lottery. Hope we can all get...
  10. Golden West College Spring 2020

    Hi guys, I got put in as the alternate #8, this is my first time applying and I don't know how this "alternate" thing works. Do I have a chance to get in? On the letter I received, they said they "put an average of 20 alternates in each class" in the...