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  1. Okay guys, I need some advice or guidance: I am graduating from a BSN program in May of 2020. I am currently engaged, and my fiance is in the Coast Guard. We are getting married in August of 2020, and he just received new orders for Virginia Beach, which he will be moving there in June of 2020. I will be moving from NC to VA in early September once married, and my goal would be to have a job waiting for me when I get there. Here are my concerns/questions: 1) I have noticed that alot of larger hospitals now require new grads to go through a residency program. Does residency programs have several start dates that I could join? because the ones in my area only have a spring and winter residency start time. And if residency programs will not be an option for me, would I be wasting my time applying for regular positions? 2) When should I start applying for these jobs? I am really worried that I am going to have a hard time getting a job because I am coming from a different state. 3) Will a job hold a position for me, since I pretty much cannot be in VA until the beginning of September? I am just very concerned with getting a job in a different state, as I have never had to do this before. And I am afraid that with my situation, it will hinder me from getting a job. If anybody has been through this, or can give me some advice that might calm my nerves about the whole moving and finding a job situation, that would be amazing! You guys are awesome! Xoxo