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  1. FabRN

    Lung Sounds!!

    Thank you both for the encouragement! I am definitely being hard on myself, I will be taking your advice and continue working on improving my skills. Thank you again!
  2. FabRN

    Lung Sounds!!

    Hi everyone! I got my license June 2020! And recently started working as a RN in a pediatric clinic doing triage, I love it but it can be stressful, mostly because I have trouble differentiating lung sounds! It’s driving me crazy and kids are not easy to listen to with crying, coughing, etc. I feel so dumb! I think I am good with everything else, my history taking, and the rest of my physical assessment but lung sounds are so tricky to me. I’ve been researching online and watching videos but I’m not sure what else I can do, I feel like a terrible nurse!!
  3. FabRN

    New Grad job hunt

    Hello! I recently moved to northern CA and in search of the perfect job and of course that’s seeming impossible my goal was to get into a hospital but it’s not happening without acute care experience. I was a LVN for 3 years at clinics, both were clinics of big name hospitals and I got my RN license May 2019 and have yet to start working as a RN and I’d really like to start working. I’ve applied to every new grad position and tons of other jobs. I have had some offers not in acute care which was my goal. I was offered a school nurse position full time with benefits, however I also recently was offered a temp LVN position at a clinic also full time (3 12 hour days) this clinic is part of a big hospital in northern CA, so I am confused! Do I take the school nurse job and get RN exp on my resume or work as a LVN 3 days and possibly get my foot in the door here! At this clinic I would be doing IV’s and working closely with RN’s. They said they try to place the employee within the organization in another department after the temp position is up. Thanks for any advice!!!!

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