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  1. I am a new nurse that started at a assisted living near my home. My DON hired me stating she usually doesn’t take Inn new nurses but was willing to make a exception and mentor me on as a new nurse.  I come in and I am nervous. DON supports me until one day...she does a 360 on me 2 months in stating she doesn’t think she can trust me with the residents as she thinks I’m a potential harm. Stated I have poor judgement, poor critical thinking and not have met any milestones she expects.


    she goes on to state my mistakes I’ve done wrong for the past couple of weeks....

    1. The things I say to a resident... one time the eye drops were not in the medcart... and I aaid “we can’t find it, but i knownit was running low so it is being refilled” 

    2. I charted that a resident had a dime-sized wound but me being unable to determine the proper word of a tiny wound, dime sized meant the wound grew larger...but the wound was only a pinhole size...

    3. DON concerned that I without telling her.

    and other things she claims didn’t really say specifically stating km not getting the big picture of things. 


    Friday was the worst mistake I could’ve done...we had a resident who was being assessed al weak on physical assist as she had carcinoma in her spine lungs and thigh. Her temp would elevate and o2 started to go lower to 90%. My CNA noticed that she couldn’t bear weight on her legs and we were now having to do a two person assist. 

    I called the daughter up and tell her we are doing a two person assist as resident seems to be weaker. I tell the DON about resident condition. All of a sudden i get told that the daughter suddenly bathed into the community and took the resident with her to the ER without telling me or any of the staff... when I called the daughter, they are already on their way to the ER.

    i call my DON who screams at me because I didn’t talk to her first before I called the daughter. The DON made it clear that she doesn’t trust me and will write me up if this happens again. Then hung up. Didn’t speak to me for the rest of the shift nor wanted to help me chart the situation. 

    I honestly don’t think I’m cut out for nursing as I constantly make poor judgement in my decisions. This facility only has 10 residents for now as it is new. I’m not sure if my DON will terminate me when I come back to work or will simply write me up. I’m scared. I don’t know if nursing is right for me. 😢


    1. Amani Milani

      Amani Milani, BSN, RN

      Hey I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I’m a new nurse too but behind you since I start in a hospital this coming week. I would say maybe you should start somewhere like a residency and build up your assessment skills and etc and have someone who can actually look out for you and help you to progress. Most nurses in an assisted living I feel like are a bit more experience than us. I’m not really the biggest fan of your DON either..there’s ways to talk to people without belittling them and making them feel like they don’t know anything. I don’t think you should give up on nursing I just think you should go somewhere you’re able to learn your skills, practice them over and over and hone in on them. She says she will mentor you but it doesn’t seem like she will. You’re a new nurse it takes time to get everything down pack. I hope that helps.

    2. Kringkring92


      Thanks. I got an offer at a LTC/SNF facility who caters to new nyrses


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