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  1. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    I'm guessing because you get the same degree and same (or close) nursing salary without the debt and financial strain ^
  2. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    Interesting. I only was able to attend the student session and I agree wholeheartedly. It felt pretty disorganized (and given the circumstances, they did a great job!) and I felt like they skipped over the money and financial questions. did they answ...
  3. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

  4. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    what did you guys think of Duke Days?
  5. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    has anyone heard from the waitlist yet?
  6. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    anyone heard anything from the waitlist?
  7. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    anyone turned the offer down?
  8. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    I believe they are releasing packages in 1 week!
  9. Belmont University ABSN Fall 2019

    is there a facebook group?
  10. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    did you ever find out?
  11. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    I wonder if there are no assigned numbers, then maybe it's based on whoever answered the email and first accepted the waitlist? the lady at the first desk said we aren't assigned ranked numbers and she redirected me to Benjamin's line and I left a m...
  12. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    what questions did you ask? the only question I had was what number I am. But the lady at the front desk said nobody is assigned numbers
  13. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    anyone know how many people typically get off the waitlist every year? I left a message but haven't heard back from them.
  14. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    thanks. Are you going there?
  15. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    Yes I actually declined Emory's offer