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  1. Thank you so much for making this post. I am a new grad going through mental health issues, which are EXTREMELY exacerbated by nursing. I have not been fired, but I think I may quit just because I don't feel right about keeping a job that puts my mental health in jeopardy. Not to mention, I do not want to put patients at risk due to my own incompetence/nervousness. Idk how I'm going to explain this to another job/manager, but I realized I have to put myself first. I wish I had sought out help earlier honestly, bc i don't think this would have happened. idk how I can even afford therapy if I quit...I'm so frustrated with myself. I'm just glad I'm not alone
  2. AmIDumb

    I think I'm going to be let go from Orientation :((

    Thank you so much for commenting! It really means a lot to me. This situation is something I'm so shocked to be going through honestly. Even after I wrote this post I was going to try to stay for a year, but since then I realized I cannot do this (for my own sake). I hate to define myself by my anxiety disorder, but I'm afraid it wins this time. My last shift, I broke down in the med room twice and by the time I left I had given myself a rash on my face from all the stress. I'm all for not giving up, but i think this has come to the point where i cannot jeopardize my own mental health... I'm tired of crying and hating my life over this job. I hate to quit so early in the game, but I'm scared if I don't that I'll become even more insane. I think I'm going to talk to the nurse educators about this. Surely, I have to put myself first this time. I'm not used to that, but I think in this situation I really have to take care of myself and try to be happy again. I can't even remember the last time I was truly happy and I feel like I've lost myself through this whole process. Maybe I'll learn something from this, but right now I think I have to quit. Idk what I'll do, but life is unpredictable. I think I have to take this risk right now, although I feel really bad about it P.S if anyone else who commented on this post is reading this, I tried to reply to your comment as well but it wouldn't let me. Thank you for your response!!
  3. AmIDumb

    I was fired from my first nursing job after 3 weeks

    I hate to make this to be something it might not be, but as a person of color I have personally been through situations where coworkers didn't like me, complained about me, etc., for no reason other than they were racist. They would make stuff up about me and do everything they could to get me down. I hate to ask this and I hope it's not the case, but are you a person of color? Racism in the workplace is not extremely common (that i know of), but if you really have done nothing wrong it's something to consider
  4. AmIDumb

    I think I'm going to be let go from Orientation :((

    The orientation is 10 weeks. My preceptor told me I am expected to be at 5 patients before I can switch to night shift. Though, I am currently struggling with 4 which means I can't move on. If i don't fix it by this week, I think they're going to let me go bc they can't afford to have me take this long... I am taking the majority of the patients right now (4), while my preceptor has 1. The thing is, most of the doctors end up calling him bc they're more comfortable with him and know him. Then he goes to tell me he was doing my work bc he was taking the calls for my patients. But the docs weren't calling me directly so I don't see how that would be my fault. We are both running around the unit all the time and I'm not following him around. I'm doing my own thing This hospital is notorious for low nurse satisfaction and high turnover rates. Though, since they're so high ranked they get away with it
  5. The title says it all... As a background, I am 22 years old and graduated in May from a top-tier BSN program. I got a job at one of the best hospitals in the country and graduated from school with a GPA > 3.5. The point is, I sound awesome on paper. Everyone keeps telling me "how smart i must be" to have accomplished this much at such a young age. On the other hand, in real life, I am an extremely slow hands-on learner. Parts of nursing school were rough for me because I was more anxious (I have an anxiety disorder that gets exacerbated by anything nursing related) and because I'm more book smart than hands-on smart. Clinicals were rough for me, but I somehow made it through. At this hospital I'm at, I'm on my 6th week of orientation on a very fast paced med-surg, tele floor. 2 of the 6 weeks I was in a sit-down style orientation (almost like nursing school) with the other new grads. So, I really have been on the floor for 4 weeks although I'm technically 6 weeks into my orientation. The thing is, I'm expected to be able to handle 5 patients on day shift and 6 patients on night shift. I'm currently at 4 patients but struggling. My last shift, my manager said "hi ______!" in the morning all enthusiastically, but then later on in the day he saw me and avoided me/looked down at the floor. At the time, I didn't even think twice. He is the manager after all, and I assumed he wasn't even thinking about me and was just busy. Towards the end of the day, my preceptor tells me we have to extend my orientation and that he told my manager about it. I asked him what happens if I'm still struggling after this extra week, and he made a face and was like "we'll take it one day at a time." I then have a flashback to my manager looking down at the floor and avoiding me and I realized...he's probably avoiding me bc he knows he's going to have to let me go if I don't improve. Idk what to do since I moved out of state for this job. If I get fired I have no idea how I'll pay for rent or any of my student loans. I have no idea who's gonna hire me with 1 month's experience. I'm devastated and I feel like a giant idiot/failure. Has anyone else been terminated from orientation and if so how did you recover?? Please let me know, thanks. Also, do you think I should bring up that I'm cognizant of being on the slower end?? Should I quit before they fire me? I really hope if they let me go that I'll be able to at least just switch to a different floor or even outpatient. I just have no idea what to do!