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  1. Hey! Saw your thing about a GroupMe for BADNAP 

    Victoria fletcher 


    I also wrote my info on our BADNAP feed. But just Incase you can’t see it or didn’t see it 

  2. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I can’t send you a PM on here for some reason but if you can Facebook request me I’ll pm you there. Brietta C. Todd.
  3. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I haven’t seen anyone post about one but I’d be down for a group.
  4. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    People who were accepted have until the 17th to accept or decline so I assume after that date they will know how many spots will be open again for alternates. I bet that they accept people off the waitlist after the orientation on dec. 17th also if p...
  5. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I wish I knew what a competitive GPA was too. I also read some forums from the past years and there were just a few people who said they got an email saying their credits didn’t transfer and they were ineligible and now I’m so nervous! ? hahaha. Good...
  6. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    This is so helpful!! Thank you!
  7. OCCC BADNAP - Spring 2020

    I'm getting so anxious waiting! Does anyone have any idea when will we find out?