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  1. Not really! You get a passage and all the sentences/paragraphs are numbered. The questions ask: what word is spelled wrong in a certain sentence, what sentence should be removed and is unnecessary, where this (given sentence) should be placed, what sentence uses punctuation incorrectly, which sentence has improper subject-verb agreement, stuff like that. The Kaplan Nursing Exam 2019-2020 book helps a lot. Know accept vs except, affect vs effect. Know differences from colon, semicolon, comma. Also, google some practice questions online as well.
  2. There is absolutely NO FACTORING. The math portion is VERY easy and is basic. Know how to add/subtract decimal, add and subtract fractions and fractions with whole numbers. Know how to multiply fractions and how to divide fractions. Know how to convert fractions with whole numbers into improper fractions (mostly just to help solve the problem). And know how to convert percentages to decimals and vice versa. Also know how to solve for discounts and all that (If a shirt is $79 and is on sale for 15% off, what is the cost? *not exactly a problem on the test but some are kinda like that. The math is mainly fractions decimals and percentages. And you get a calculator!
  3. I can’t state the exact questions because who knows the legalities about that, but the link I posted earlier gives some of the exact science questions. Get the 2019-2020 Kaplan nursing exam prep book!!! It’s very helpful.
  4. No problem! I did not use anything else but the book, except for anatomy and physiology. For A & P I used the link I posted earlier and looked online for the answer to those topics. I also watched a youtube video on bloodflow through the heart. I am already good with reading the passage and answering questions so I did not study too much on the reading section besides doing the practice tests. For writing, it can be confusing and the book does a really good job in helping. The book offers explanations on why the answer is correct versus the others. So really, you do not need any other study materials, but everyone is different so its up to u.
  5. Thanks Maryann! YES! the new Kaplan book was VERY helpful! The youtube videos are talking about the old book, this one is the new 2019-2020 book. The practice tests do a very good job on preparing you for the exam. I actually got the book from the library! I didn't even pay for it. Yes, this new book has a lot of extra info too, fortunately this one labels which topic matters are meant for the Kaplan or the Hesi (the book puts either a "H" and/ or "K" symbol next to each topic). For Math, do not AT ALL focus on anything more than basic algebra and on Science, ONLY focus on Anatomy and Physiology. I actually saw a post all alnrses with some exact questions on the test, here is the link: This post SAVED MY LIFE, I never even took anatomy before in my life. LMK if you have any other specific questions!
  6. Update: To all of those that come across this thread, I am not explaining info about the test in my original post because it is too much information. I received a 85% overall score with a 95% in reading, 90% in math, 81% in writing, 70% in science, and a 88% in Critical Thinking (Not an actual section but automatically generated at the end of the test). Anyway, ask away!
  7. I TOOK THE KAPLAN PRE NURSING EXAM AND SCORED AN 85 OVERALL. I SCOURED THE INTERNET AND MOST OF THE KAPLAN EXAM THREADS ARE OLD. I HAVE A LOT OF INFO TO SHARE SO JUST REPLY ON THIS THREAD AND I WILL TRY TO RESPOND TO YOU! LET'S FINALLY HAVE A DECENT THREAD FOR KAPLAN TEST TAKERS! Note: My test was taken in the end of 2019, all the YouTube videos I watched and alnrses threads I've read said the official Kaplan study guide was not helpful (before the new one came out), well Kaplan put out a new 2019-2020 study guide and I used that to study, so ask me about that too if you want! I also have taken the TEAS exam this year as well, so ask me about that too! Anyway go ham, I have a lot of helpful tips for y'all.