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LVN Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
New New Nurse Student
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Brittybee specializes in LVN Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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  1. Brittybee


    @Jpjavee22 Hi ! Any pointers for the Competency exam? I take mine next week at the IE campus. What is the process after the exam? Is there an interview?
  2. Brittybee

    LVN TO RN APU Spring 2020

    @pmoise85 I applied to the IE campus. The application process may be different than the Monrovia campus and from what I have heard, it does not seem to be the same. Did you apply to the Monrovia Campus LVN to RN Spring 2020?
  3. Brittybee

    LVN TO RN APU Spring 2020

    @Hello nurse 2011 Thank you for the kind words. Have a blessed day !
  4. Brittybee

    LVN TO RN APU Spring 2020

    @Nan14 Good Morning ! I applied to the IE campus
  5. Brittybee

    LVN TO RN APU Spring 2020

    Hello everyone! I received a telephone call from APU yesterday informing me that I am in the final stage of the application process. I am scheduled for my competency exam 11/11/19. If I pass I am granted a position for the Spring Semester 2020! I am very excited !
  6. Brittybee

    LVN TO RN APU Spring 2020

    Hello Everyone! I recently applied to the LVN to RN program at APU IE campus (Spring 2020). I was informed it will take 6 weeks for the reviewing and decision making to be completed. I asked my academic advisor if there is an interview process or any further steps after. He stated a decision will be made at the 6 week mark whether you were accepted or denied into the program. Did anyone else apply for Spring 2020? I would love to hear from you all. Have a blessed day !