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  1. I really want a job as a case manager doing insurance because the hours would work best and I have case management experience already and enjoy the job. I obtained my lpn on 10/2013 and my RN 10/2015. I've been a home health case manager since 5/2017. I just switched to hospice case management and I just can't do this on call, the job is too demanding on my time right now I can't do it at this point and the death visits are so hard emotionally . I only have an associates but I'm working on my ba online at wgu. What can I do to increase my chances at this point.. I've applied at anthem Aetna buckeye and caresource with no luck . I don't know what I need. A friend of mine with a very similar background to me got a job with caresource and I wanted to work there so bad but they haven't even called me for an interview (I don't get to anyone when I call) . Does anyone have any advice . I don't mind doing home visits , I'm in the Akron Cleveland area in Ohio , I just can't do on call with my family situation and constantly doing it is killing my car and spirit