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  1. So I'm about to start my first post as a newly qualified nurse... I'm scared and not for the usual reasons. I'm 22 years old and even with makeup on I apparently look 15. On a couple of a occasions people have even claimed I "look about 12." I'm petite and skinny with a baby face even with makeup so this probably adds to the problem. I don't want patients and family members to think I'm incompetent. It was soul breaking as a student and often knocked my confidence; now I'm going to be THE qualified nurse and I don't know how I'm going to cope. People say it thinking it's a compliment when in actuality you're telling me I look like a little girl opposed to a women so no not a compliment (although I am aware not many people do this on purpose). I suppose I'm just seeing if anyone else has had or is having this experience so I can feel a bit more excited rather than terrified for starting my career