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  1. Good evening everyone. I, finally, decided to start doing the process for taking the NCLEX exam in NY. However, I have some questions regarding my application in CGFNS via CVS. 1. I come from Greece, where I have a nursing license which is active until today. When I finished nursing school, I went for a few months in the UK, where I worked as a healthcare assistant (band 4), while I was waiting for my NMC PIN number to be published. When I received my PIN number, I resigned from my job for personal reasons and returned back to my home country. But, I forgot to pay the annual fee and my registration to the NMC got lapsed (expired) and I never had any hearings or concerns about my PIN number. My question is: should I mention in the application that apart from the Greek license, I have a British one? Or should I omit the British license from the application, due to having already an active one (Greek) and one who is inactive (British) and not messing around with many verifications and delaying the whole process? 2. In the "job experience" section, I only worked in the UK as a healthcare assistant (band 4) for a few months. Is it necessary to state it in the CGFNS application or can I get along with the whole process without mentioning it? Thank you in advance everyone for your help.