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  1. rach5251

    University of MN 2020

    Which program was this for? CRNA?
  2. rach5251

    University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    I have not heard anything yet. From what I read in prior threads it looks like most people didn’t heard about interviews until sometime in December. I’ll update as soon as I hear anything.
  3. rach5251

    University of Minnesota - DNP 2020

    Glad to hear, wishing you the best of luck (Though I'm sure you don't need the luck). I will try to post any updates I hear for others to see.
  4. Greetings, I have applied to the University of Minnesota's DNP Fall 2020 program. Looking to reach out and network with fellow applicants. Sometimes having other's to talk to that are in the same situation can help ease some of the stress and anxiety. Good luck to us all.
  5. rach5251

    Duke MSN Spring 2019

    Is there anyone in the program now who is attending online? I live in MN and am interested in applying for the program. How often do you have to visit campus? How many days are you usually there? Is the program easily navigated online?