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  1. AMRN445

    Mistake after mistake after mistake

    I think the other nurses were either mad or disappointed at the fact that i didn’t take action and that’s why my preceptor had said something. She said “you never know when someone is coding and they need help, you should’ve gone to see if they needed help”. All while she is telling me this the other nurses are staring at me and continue to do it for the rest of the shift. I have been on the floor with my preceptor for about a month. I just feel like everything I do I end up making these simple mistakes like getting the wrong blood tubes or ensuring a lab is getting processed or not being fast enough with my patient care. every time I mess up I feel like I’m being ridiculed or looked down upon by everyone. At this point I fear that I’m the only orientee who keeps making boneheaded mistakes.
  2. AMRN445

    Mistake after mistake after mistake

    I did learn from it and I most definitely will take action next time. But afterwards some of the nurses were staring at me the rest of my shift, I felt very awkward and embarrassed. I don’t want the other nurses thinking they cannot rely on me during a situation.
  3. AMRN445

    Mistake after mistake after mistake

    New grad here. I work in the ED and I feel like I keep making mistake after mistake after mistake. The mistakes are all stupid common sense mistakes and I am starting to feel like am I even a good nurse. Like for example today I was charting and two other nurses were at the nurses station. A patient on the monitor went into VTACH. I heard The beeping going off and saw a nurse looking as well and she eventually got up to go to the room, a few minutes later the patients nurse saw and also went in there. My preceptor asked me why I didn't go help and I honestly don’t know why I didn't. I didn't even think about it and I feel so idiotic and dumb. The patient was fine and never coded but I feel so defeated by all these mistakes. I love my job so much but I feel like I absolutely suck at it and everyone else thinks so too.
  4. AMRN445

    New grad mistake

    So I am a new grad working in the ER. We had a patient who was a known drug abuser and I had to give Ativan. Well I only used half and meant to take the other half and waste. I ended up getting busy and forgot the other half in the room. It wasn’t until my preceptor texted me afterwards telling me what I had done. Another nurse was the one who found it and told my preceptor and the nurse wasn’t too happy. Thankfully the patient didn’t even notice it was in there but I can’t stop thinking about how bad it could’ve gone or how stupid my coworkers think I am. I don’t want to be known as the stupid new grad who left Ativan in the room with a patient. I’m having a lot of anxiety to go back to work.