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  1. I went to the heath department in tarpon springs yesterday. I only paid $5 for each titer. I live in Hillsborough county. Only waited about 10 minutes too.
  2. I had all of mine done In 99/00 as well. I assumed if we had them as a child we were all set. I asked my doctor about titers/boosters just to play it safe and she explained it wasn’t necessary if they were given as a child. So I assume that if we have proof of them then we are good.
  3. In the settings do you have it so that anyone can see it?
  4. When I search it it says no results found. I also just tried searching “HCC nursing” and only past groups from 2018 come up
  5. I got accepted into Cohort 2!! Congrats to everyone!!
  6. Hey all! I was so happy to find this thread so I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sierra and I applied to the spring program at HCC! Sending lots of good luck to everyone cause I know we're all so anxious! I definitely thought they would've emailed us by now. My pre req GPA was a 3.62 and TEAS was 74. I'm soooo nervous since the fall gpa was so high... I knew it was competitive but I didn't expect it to be so high. I just moved to florida from colorado so this is my first time applying to HCC's program. Finger's crossed that we hear back this week!!!

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