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  1. The patient I had this week in clinical was a COPD patient. I need to do a care plan. I chose a few diagnoses already. I feel like I should be included one related to breathing since the patient has COPD, like impaired: breathing pattern/airway clearance/gas exchange, but because he's been in the hospital for weeks on O2, he doesn't have shortness of breath, his pulse ox is normal, etc. So I don't really have supporting data for these. Any ideas?
  2. Devvie

    Discharge Teaching Plan for postpartum mom

    We need to just write a general plan, not for a specific patient. I was planning to mention: -breastfeeding/formula -lochia and the expected colors -call doctor for bleeding, fever -car seat safety guidelines -keeping baby on back, nothing in crib to prevent suffocation Are there any other very important topics or points to mention?
  3. I need to write a 1-2 paragraph on what I'd tell a new mom that is going to be discharged. What are the most important things to mention?
  4. Devvie

    Purewick Catheters- Risk for Infection?

    @MotoMonkeyThanks! That's a good idea
  5. Devvie


    Is a VTE (venous thromboembolism) and a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) the same thing??
  6. I'm working on an nursing care plan and was wondering- is using a purewick a reason to do Risk for Infection? I know they're less likely to cause infection than a Foley/indwelling catheter.
  7. Devvie

    Help with Nursing Care Plan

    Anyone else know about the Bowel Incontinence? My friend suggested it but we're both new at this
  8. Devvie

    Help with Nursing Care Plan

    Sorry I keep asking but we were never taught how to do Nursing Diagnoses/Care plan in class.... What can be supporting data for Risk for Infection? I can't do low WBC count because her levels are high, I guess because the gallbladder is inflamed. So is there anything other than the fact that there is a surgical site? And that she isn't capable of taking care of the site, maybe?
  9. Devvie

    Help with Nursing Care Plan

    The first 3 I am clear on the related factors and appropriate interventions. What about Acute Confusion? Also how do I know if the disorientation is the patient's baseline? She is 90 years old...
  10. Devvie

    Help with Nursing Care Plan

    @Nurse.KelseyThanks so much! In that order?
  11. I need to do a nursing care plan for the first time. My patient is a 90 year old female, disoriented, in the hospital for gallstones. The nursing diagnoses I cam up with are: · Acute Pain r/t to gallstones as evidenced by pain of 6 on 0-10 scale and guarding · Impaired Tissue Integrity r/t altered circulation a.e.b. pressure ulcer stage 1 · Risk for Infection r/t surgical site · Bowel Incontinence r/t use of laxatives a.e.b. inability to control passage of stool · Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume r/t medically restricted intake (NPO for two days awaiting procedure) · Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements (NPO plus impaired digestion due to obstruction of bile flow) I know that I have to do the "related to" and "as evidenced by", but first I am unsure which of these to use (I only need 4) and which are priority! Any advice?

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