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  1. Hi Frenchy1

    To boost your options—are you a resident of New York? I’m not — you may want to consider Binghamton University (application is still on for Fall, but the class starts in May; this is an accelerated course and cheaper around $55K; 12 months) University of Rochester(very competitive- try for next May start date). Outside of New York , Duquesne University in Pittsburgh ( they offer accelerated program for Fall, too).

    All the best. Don’t let Pace take your smiles away. You have lot of options. Best of luck!

    1. Frenchy1


      Thank you very much! I will keep my head up and keep on smiling.  But one of the reasons I want to attend Pace beside it having a great program, it is also close to my house .

    2. RNSmiles


      Sorry, but you need to look beyond a nursing school close to your house, unless you’re suffering from physical disabilities or in a highly-demanding marriage or you’ve toddlers. Else, you shouldn’t mind studying few hundreds of miles away from home. I have suggested schools where you could take the BSN program in just 12 months and most of them are in New York. 

    3. Frenchy1


      I understand what you mean and completely agree with you, that why I applied to multiple schools, but Pace is my first choice. Right now I will just hope for the best. 😄


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