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  1. I will give you some advice as you seem desperate. One thing that will make a big difference is if you have noise maker door that will sound when someone opens doors to go outside. It will alert you that your son is trying to leave the home. It is like having a bell on a door but this method I am speaking on is electronic. Your son is bored in the home and that is why he is wandering besides his condition. He needs to be engaged in something at the house. I think it will get better but you will have to create some more structure for him.

  2. I care for my son who was diagnosed before I took him in, he is currently 20. I'm his mom and caretaker, single with no insurance. Currently starting classes to be able to help him and people like him and I've done some learning on my own. I would like advice or opinions from more experienced CTs. My son wanders. He started a couple years ago, raringly. I would correct the behavior by bringing him home (usually it was him going in the yard/trying to go outside without me) and giving something to do. He stopped for a while, but it's started again and now it's to the point where he'll sneak off while I am sleeping or distracted. He walks down the sidewalk and through the neighborhood. Often will wander around yards or get into porches and sit in open garages or sit on swings. There's a specific neighbor he has been to, he lays or naps in their gazebo or tries going in their house to eat food. I try paying attention closely but I am a single mom with a lot of work under short time periods plus cooking specific meals due to his food sensitivities and going to the bathroom/showering a lot due to my own incon and menstrual issues. At least once a day I will find him in the yard or walking down the street. I have to physically prompt ( I grab his arm and guide him somewhere else, or hold lightly and coax him until he follows me to the car or lets me walk him to the TV or to his computer or to eat). I stay up a bit anyway though eventually I do need sleep and he is on sleeping meds but sometimes wakes up at night. I lock our hallway door at night. He does it even if I correct or explain. I will not restrain him if there are other options. I have tried talking to him but he won't keep conversations especially serious ones.He also has aspergers and is from an abusive situation. He refuses to talk to my mother who is a retired counselor about this and will not listen to anyone. I have put locks on the door, and he knows how to undo chain locks and switch locks. Today he created a distraction by waiting until I walked away and pouring his drink near my work computer and phone (which he knows I'm going to panic about and clean up asap), and then walked into our yard. I correct his behavior and give distraction, and he does have time outside, but it has no affect. He has gotten lost and will break down crying and people yell and make it worse. When I find him, he sometimes does not get in the car unless I physically prompt him or baby him. I told the neighbors about his condition and asked for some support, and they either ignore or they yell and scare him; two neighbors feed him (enforce this and endanger him) or harass him by jokingly calling out "come here".

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