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  1. StressedRN76

    New school nurse- not sure if I like it. Help!

    I’m leaving school nursing after one month. I do not need to give myself any more time to try to adjust. Totally the wrong fit for me. I should have subbed in this district. I think for some nurses it can get better.... not for me and I’m ok with it. So I totally understand how you feel
  2. StressedRN76

    1st School Nurse Interview

    Funny.... when I went to my interview they didn’t ask me any real questions. They just wanted to know when I could start... that should have been a red flag to me . Found out very quickly school nursing not for me. Counting the days until I can leave next month
  3. StressedRN76

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    I have decided to resign. I’m not happy that I have to give 30 days instead of 2 weeks according to the contract. I thought it was only for teachers to give that length of notice For me not worth my sanity and energy trying to change things here... time to move on. Thanks everyone who responded.
  4. StressedRN76

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    Hi Just Jai, Thanks for the reply. My co-worker is a Master's prepared RN. She has been in the same school for 25 yrs and it seems that they have had an issue with retaining a second nurse in this school. I wonder why??! I am very by the book, and on my first day I noticed there was no policy/procedure manual to follow. When I asked her about it, she was like "oh we never really had one". I asked her to see the standing orders from the school district's physician and it took her 3 days to find it and when I reviewed it, the last time it was updated and signed was 2009. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. This is not how I operate at all. Not to mention, the layout of this clinic is so backwards. Nothing flows, supplies are here and there and everywhere. I am running around looking for things. I do not understand how this clinic was set up like this and obviously it has not changed in 25+ years. At this point, it is not worth my sanity to keep bringing up all the disorganization as nothing will change. The other day she gave a child his seizure medications with an expired MD order. She said" Its ok, I don't expect you to do this, I just know the child and they will eventually get me the paperwork'. This is not how I practice, so its creating such a conflict with me. I have decided I will be handing in my resignation this week. It is for the best, I do not feel comfortable staying at this school and the dread that I feel each night is not normal.
  5. StressedRN76

    School Nurse Certification

    The cost of SCHOOL nursing certification is a disgrace. The BOE ANd these college are making $$$. I was paying $2200 for 3 credit course at NJCU which is an online program. To complete the program It is 24 credits. So do the math on that! Why would I pay over$17,000 to get a certification which quite frankly you don’t really need if you have peds and ER experience to only get paid starting salary of 50k. ??? Im withdrawing from the college tomorrow as I have discovered school nursing not for me. Only perk is the summers off but if you like to travel like me you will be too broke to go anywhere.
  6. StressedRN76

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    Thank yo so much Elaine for the response. You provided a lot of insight. I brought up the issue of confidentiality and infection control to the nurse I’m working alongside with. She has been there for 25 years and doesn’t see it as an issue. This is the problem she has allowed this environment and I will not be able to change it as the newbie just starting. She couldn’t even show me where the standing orders where. I finally found them and they have not been updated in years. Such disorganization! As I lay here another sleepless night with constant thoughts of regret, I know I need to resign. I don’t feel safe working there from a legal perspective at all ! Again thank you for your detailed response !
  7. Hi. So after being in the nursing field for 20 years ( ICU, cardiac stepdown, Occupational health) I figured I would try school nursing as I heard good things about it mostly the due to hours and summers off. I knew I was going to take a pay cut ( almost 40% for me) but I figured the job would be less stressful...... Well after one week in a NJ public high school I am ready to quit!!! I have not slept for the past week DREADING to have to go to this new school nurse job. I was hoping by the end of the week, it would get better but I think I made a big mistake. I am working with a second nurse for a population of 1100+ diverse community. I really wish I subbed before taking this job, but I was desperate to leave my former job in which I had a toxic manager, so I jumped on the offer thinking it would be a nice environment to work in a high school. So please school nurses tell me if this is normal.... 1. 60-70 visits a day ( cough drop, ice pack requests oh and sanitary pads alllll day long) 2. One water cooler in entire high school in nurses office so all day long all the teachers come in and fill their bottles and then begin to tell you all their ailments and want you to diagnose them and give them OTC Meds. The nurse that I am working there has been there for 25 yrs and has created this culture of letting the teachers run the show in the health office. 3. Students do not want to drink from the water fountains nor buy their own bottled water so all day long they make excuses to come in to be seen and then request water from the cooler since it tastes better. Since my desk is right in front of the door, the constant In and out has me dizzy no exaggeration. 4. the faculty do not like to use the multi-stall bathrooms in the faculty lounge, so they come into the nurses office all day long to use the 1 private bathroom we have for ourselves and the sick students. Its non-stop . I made comments to the other nurse about this and she said they are allowed by the VP 5. Students who do not want to use their own hallway bathrooms and constantly come in begging to use our private bathroom. ( they do not have any medical need such as IBS.. they just complain the bathrooms are dirty and they wanna use a nice one) 6. I knew there was going to disrespectful kids and parents but for $48K a year with all the legal responsibilities of responding to all the emergencies, suspicion of drug use exams, fights constantly among the students....... I think the job is not worth it.... Maybe I am just burnt out from so many years being a nurse.... the only perk I see at this point is the holiday breaks and summers off.... School Nurses especially in NJ : Is this the norm in your school?