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  1. ocleo

    NCLEX RN 68 questions

    Thank you so much!
  2. ocleo

    NCLEX RN 68 questions

    Yes, I passed!! I had around 15 SATA.
  3. ocleo

    NCLEX RN 68 questions

    Hello, Did anyone pass with 68 questions, last question being a SATA? Under the new rule we have! My exam stopped at 68. Thank you
  4. Hello , Due to Covid-19 anyone taking the NCLEX RN or pn effective March 25, 2020 until July 2020, will be administered as follows: NCLEX RN and PN Minimum questions 60 and maximum 130. reference site: https://www.NCSBN.org/14428.htm Any thoughts? Will the exam be super difficult or advantageous? Thank you
  5. ocleo

    Initial RN License by Exam Status: Pending

    I am not a big fan of the trick! Any idea what the "Pending/Open" status indicates in Breeze? BON seems to make up a lot of stuff, they are not truthful in telling me if they received the scores from the testing center. When I called on Monday, they said they did not have the scores, apparently even today I get mixed messages. Today is 6th day without any sign. Thanks,
  6. Hello, I took my exam on Sept 20th and my exam stopped at 85 questions. Since then, my Breeze account status is Pending/Open. Does anyone know what this means and how long it stays in the pending status before something changes? I called BON and everyone on their gives conflicting messages which is then hard to believe. I have been waiting for 6 days now since my exam with a pending status. Any advise will be greatly appreciated! - I took my exam here in California, hence no quick results unfortunately. Thank you

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