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Just a 19 year old on a journey to become a nurse !

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  1. Roadtobsn

    How did you feel after taking the teas

    I agree! the combination of a book with videos worked. I think you did pretty well though, my school requires a 62 but I am guessing they will take the ones who scored higher of course.
  2. Roadtobsn

    How did you feel after taking the teas

    I am sorry you spent that money on the ati prep course they are pretty pricey. I took the teas as well and I am relieved, I used the mometrix secrets book and got an 80. I was so close to buying the prep though glad i didn't. weirdly english was the lowest score i got too.
  3. Roadtobsn


    That is always going to be awkward but it is something you get used to doing over time. That's just how I think of it.
  4. Roadtobsn

    How did you feel after taking the teas

    I was wondering if @Oinkoinkoink got her results on time.. she took the test the same day her application was due yikes.
  5. Roadtobsn

    How did you feel after taking the teas

    were you able to get the results on time?
  6. Roadtobsn

    I fail Teas twice, what should I do now..

    never trust what the people around you say all the time always do your own research as well!
  7. Roadtobsn

    Schools in Texas

    Hello, getting 2 c's on your sciences is not that bad especially if you make a's on what you have left, doing this will give you a 3.00 GPA on your sciences. If you do not make a's on what is left it can be a problem and you might have to retake them. But it depends on where you are wanting to attend because some schools have an individual minimum GPA for science classes alone, and the overall GPA with all the prereqs. most schools in texas do this that's why it's very important to get at least a b on your science classes.
  8. Roadtobsn

    Pre Requisite Questions

    Being a pre-nursing student about to start nursing school in spring 2020, I would suggest to not try to take more than you can handle and risk getting bad grades. I am a full-time student and take 13 credit hours each semester and during summer I take 6 credit hours and that is a lot for me. Keep in mind I do not work, school is my full-time job. science courses require a lot of attention, and I also don't recommend taking more than one science course at the same time. It is totally possible to do it though, I've heard about people doing it but personally, it's hard for me.
  9. Roadtobsn

    Taking the TEAS for the third time

    you are welcome! if you have any other questions about the test you can ask me
  10. Roadtobsn

    Taking the TEAS for the third time

    The minimum requirement for my school is a 65% overall score and a minimum of a 65% in the reading and math .. i got a 72.3% on reading which was my lowest score and an 87.7 in math, 80.9 on science.. and an 83.3 on english. I didn’t really study the reading section, and the timer was going really fast. 3 days is tough, the anatomy quick review book that i got is 300 pages long and in the reviews people said they were reading it in one day and got a good score on the science. I would suggest to go over the sections of anatomy that you feel are the hardest. And after that review whats left as much as you can . Also I only studied for 2 weeks and the last 2 days i tried to review the english portion which was very hard.. especially being a full time online student aswell. Everything is possible! I believe that you can pass it with just three days !
  11. Roadtobsn

    Temple College ADN FALL 2020

    I am having trouble finding posts on the school here, all of them are years old lol. Yes, I heard it's a good program too! just wish I knew more about how their system on selecting students works other than having a 3.0 gpa and passing the teas with a 65% minimum.
  12. Roadtobsn


    Anyone here trying to apply to UMHB bsn program or is already a student there? all of the the posts here on the school are years old
  13. Roadtobsn

    Temple College ADN FALL 2020

    Thankyou! Did you take the hesi yet?
  14. Roadtobsn

    Temple College ADN FALL 2020

    Hello! Goodluck on the classes you have left and the hesi! I recently got accepted into ctc adn program for the spring 2020 but waiting to see if i got accepted into the bsn program at umhb!
  15. Roadtobsn

    Taking the TEAS for the third time

    one last thing is that I also used https://www.registerednursing.org/teas/ I went over all the systems on their website too.
  16. Roadtobsn

    Taking the TEAS for the third time

    Just got my score back and scored an 80.7 overall!! Took it at a testing center on computer which takes within 48 hours to send results. Got an 80.9 in science, thought i scored higher but its not bad at all. Just wanted to let you know that the lecture videos actually helped!