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JenniferLou1025 is a MSN and specializes in Professional Development.

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    Drexel DNP or Capella EdD

    Hello Everyone! I am looking to pursue a terminal degree. I had received my MSN (with a focus in clinical research) from Drexel University Online then obtained a job in Professional Development at the hospital I was working at as a staff nurse. I have really enjoyed the Professional Development role. I choose to pursue my doctorate because I want to open more doors for my professional growth (whether this be nursing leadership in a hospital or a role in academia). I initially was determined to find an EdD program because I have heard that professors with their DNP may face more challenges and that an EdD or PhD is most appropriate for academia. Finance is a factor. My hospital has academic partnerships with both Capella and Drexel. I have concerns with Capella's for profit status and how that would reflect in academia. Is this something I should be concerned about? Drexel has an EdD but it would be too expensive since my hospital only has a discount for nursing specific programs. I have attended and value the education I have received from Drexel. Using my discounts, both the Drexel DNP program and the Capella EdD programs would be about the same price. I see value in both curriculums. I would appreciate some input about which degree may be perceived as having more value in academia: a DNP from a private research university or an EdD from a for-profit, online university? And if anyone has any other program recommendations, I would welcome those. Thank you.