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  1. hello, could you please send me your 60-page keynotes as well? Thanks my email is ebai.n@Yahoo.com

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    Could you please send me your 60 page keynotes as well. My email is wpnoel01@Yahoo.com. Thank you


  3. Hi, it seems you have a 60pages points for RN exam
    would you please send it to me?
    thank you 

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      Can you send me notes as well please and thank you desireew21@gmail.com

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  4. RNSmiles

    RN Refresher Course/NCLEX

  5. RNSmiles

    NCLEX Requirements

    A valid F1 Visa allows you to travel into the US for educational purpose and out of the US to your home country or any other place. I-20 establishes your active status as a student. I-20 is not a travel document! This means you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE COUNTRY if your visa has expired even with a valid I-20. You will need to apply for a new visa in your home country or any country with a US consulate. A case in point: if my visa is valid for one year because I applied for a year program. Let’s say I then later decided to change my program(F1 students are free to make this choice at anytime inasmuch as they are in good standing in the previous school) to a new program (in their primary school or in a different school) that takes 2 years, I don’t have to apply to a new visa. All I need to initiate a transfer; my valid I-20 + transfer form + ensure you pay all debt + assistance of DSOs are sufficient for this process. You don’t need to have SSN in New York to have apply for RN licensure nor is it a requirement to register for NCLEX. However , if you already got an SSN, you need to include it in the space provided. I’ll refer this applicant to check NYSED webpage.
  6. RNSmiles

    NCLEX Requirements

    NCLEX and RN licensure are two different things. However you need to pass NCLEX to get a (state) RN license. Please read carefully: You can take your NCLEX anywhere (in any states) in the US. However, on the test date, you will need to present a valid government-issued ID, such as, valid visa and/or passport, drivers license or state ID) before you’ll be allowed into your test center. Your name on the ID must match with the name you use during registration. To add, as per RN licensure, some states require you to have SSN whereas others don’t. Try to get any of the above IDs and you will be fine to test in other states should need be. Bubble buster: you don’t need a valid F1 Visa or SSN to test or secure RN licensure in states like NY. I’m not sure if it’s the same in CA. I urge you to further research. Best of best.
  7. RNSmiles

    RN Refresher Course/NCLEX

    Good. Email sent. best of luck!
  8. You’re not alone. Though I’m in my 30s, English is my second language,too. My instructor was actually about “62/63” when he started Nursing and earned the degree. No prior experience in healthcare. Even though you’re in your 50s, this is a land of opportunity and you’re in good standing. If those who are physically impaired (I’m not trying to be condescending) can get jobs why not you! I suggest you work on your interviews; have a mock interviews with your school employment service or friends if you can. Have your nursing friends interview you; Record yourself and here your responses. Please make adjustment. Being honest and Given correct answers are valid but you have to be pragmatic, too. lest I forget, I lost 2/3 job offers. these are the reasons I think my applications were rejected: 1. In one unit, The manager asked me what are my future plan 3 - 5 years from now . I (rookie nurses) responded that I would like to be a CRNA few years from now. I was being honest but My application was rejected. Later did I learned that the unit has high turn over for RN and would need nurses who can stay with them for years. Hence I stopped saying that during interviews, keeping my future plans to myself. 2. In the other unit, Unfortunately I was competing with internal candidates. My application didn’t fly on 2-3 occasions. Thus, internal candidates are considered ahead of external candidates. This happened twice to me at the same hospital. I couldn’t get into my preferred uni, but The HR will call me for other available positions. Again, you need to understand the demand and supply in your area. Please don’t be discouraged. There are load of jobs in different units if you’re willing to move and explore other places. I know you may have some family commitments at your age. But try to relocate if you could, you won’t regret it. You’re trainable and don’t forget you’ve great potentials. Only you can limit you. Last, I should mentioned that I applied to about different hospitals and units, trying to increase my options. Try this method and you will sing for joy and good news soon. Peace from NorthEast.
  9. I’m a new grad, too. No prior experience other than Capstone cum clinical rotations. Had many critical care job offers before I graduated. In Which state/area are you living? You mentioned that other students are getting job, but not you. Let’s focus on you. Do you think the problem is in your resume or your answers to questions during the interview? Further, I encourage you to move to another area/ state should the job market in your area/state is saturated. All the best
  10. RNSmiles

    Can you not hire an attorney to help find a job?

    To sue the government for being unemployed?
  11. RNSmiles


    You will pass! Worry not! I’m praying for you!
  12. You are not alone. Currently, many nursing schools have transited online, too; providing all instructions, courses, and communication solely online.
  13. Again you want to make wise decisions. $$$$ is huge. To clarify my doubts, I’ll call my schools of choice (the school of nursing Admissions office) and ask if my these courses I’ll be taking at Portage are transferable. Alternatively, you may take the courses in community colleges close to you. If you are residing in CA, it’s not that expensive -$42/unit, hence ~$210 per (5-unit)course. Louisiana State University (LSU) online is another option, but a psych course costs me a total of $966/3units + $55 (2 proctored exams) = $1021 for 3 units. University of Rochester costs $1150/3 units. Again, Portage is just fine and cheaper. Don’t fret because the Portage is online. Nearly all schools are now online due to COVID19 chaos. If you CAN afford the $$$$, go to your alma mater. If you CAN’T, you may want to do your prerequisites in schools with credible accreditations. Best wishes.
  14. You should be fine with Portage Learning. You may want to check if Portage Leaning accreditations are valid for prospective nursing schools of choice. Good luck.
  15. RNSmiles

    Rochester Uni ACCEPTED Students ABPNN Spring 2020

    Should be at the School of Nursing Orientation: Mandatory Orientation to the APNN Program is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, January 13 - 14. We will have a continental breakfast set up Monday morning from 8:30-9:00 AM just outside the auditorium on the first floor of Helen Wood Hall. Signs will point you in the direction of the auditorium. Please arrive during that time so that we are ready to get started with the program at 9 AM. An agenda is forthcoming.
  16. RNSmiles

    Rochester Uni ACCEPTED Students ABPNN Spring 2020

    Haha you’ve have one week still to cool off... see you and good luck.