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  1. DFoustRN

    Medical Missions

    Hey There, Thanks for your reply back. You actually touch on the subjects I was wondering about. So thank you very much. I will be looking further into this and hope to find a good organization to partner up with. David
  2. DFoustRN

    Medical Missions

    So I have been tossing the idea around in my head that I might be interested in possibly doing like a medical mission trip. I would be interested in staying in the US for my first time and I was wondering if anyone has done a mission trip and could offer some in's and out's about it. Thanks
  3. I think that would be very useful to many preparing to take their exams. For me, it took me several attempts to pass my boards, but not making excuses but while I was trying to study and pass I also had 5 major surgeries that I was trying to recover from over a 4 year period. But I stayed with it and passed. I feel something like this would show people who struggle with test and are having difficult times while taking their test that they are not alone and could over some suggestions on how to study or maybe hope. Just my thoughts.