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  1. @tiffy RN Thanks for the response. I am figuring out slowly the ins and outs. Nursing Informatics is much different than Health Informatics. I didn’t know that. PG offers a masters in Health Informatics or Health Management. It is accredited by HIMMS. (Or is it HIIMS?) Anyway, so one of those programs is going to end up being my path.
  2. Hi, I am in the earliest stage of my nursing career—the dream stage. My dream is to complete a masters degree in Health Information Management or Health Informatics and then complete an accelerated BSN program. Recently I got a job delivering pizza with Papa Johns because they offer a free education through Purdue Global. Here is what Purdue Global says about the recognition and accreditation of the Masters in Health Informatics. “Purdue Global is recognized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) as an Approved Education Partner (AEP). HIMSS-approved educational programs, which include the Master of Health Informatics, provide advanced knowledge in health information and technology or health care and prepare candidates to sit for the CAHIMS or CPHIMS exams*” So here is what has stumped me. When I look up the various jobs one can get with a MHI and a BSN, I find that many of the jobs require the person to have an education from a program that is accredited by a different body. Or in order to sit for licensure exams. The acronyms are a bit dizzying. Can someone give me some direction? I like my job delivering pizza, but I don’t want to spend all of my extra time completing a program that does not prepare me to be a professional. Plus, pizza car insurance is expensive. Please help!