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Bravodeltaj has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU/ER.

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  1. Hi there.  Just run in to this thread.  How's the Air force life treating you? Army reserve nurse and I am trying to see if I can cross over to Air Force reserve flight nurse.

    1. Bravodeltaj

      Bravodeltaj, BSN

      Hey! So far, I like it. I am a non-prior E so don’t really have anything to compare it to but I had just completed OTS and it wasn’t bad. I am still waiting for dates for the next training. Flight nursing in the AF is basically transporting patients/military service members that are stable (think of it as med/surg/psych patients) from one base to another using a cargo plane. This is not CCAT (Critical Care Air Transport). So if that’s what you’re looking for, then this isn’t for you. As flight nurses in the AFRC, we basically learn the aircraft so we can safely transport patients and manage them during the flight. I’ve gone to a training mission and it was fun. From what I’ve heard since I am not a fully qualified flyer yet, they usually transport really stable patients.

      If you are curious to know what my timeline looks like since COVID pretty much affected everything:

      Aug 2019 - first POC with recruiter

      Sept 2019 - MEPS

      Dec 2019 - Interview with Chief Nurse for the FN job

      Mar 2020 - In-flight Physical and took my oath (commissioning)

      **** insert COVID restrictions ****

      June 2020 - virtual orientation and then from then on, monthly drills virtually.

      January 2021 - was given my dates for OTS

      April 2020 - OTS (I was sent to the 5-week course, others were sent to the 8-week course; you will never know which one they send you to)

      And now I am just waiting on other training dates, such as SERE, Water Survival, and Flight Nurse School and the internship that follows after that.

    2. RobdRN


      Thank you for responding and thank you for the insight.  Sound like you liking it.  Yes,  I heard about the 2 different flight nurse.  CCAT and AE.  CCAT do not get a wing but AE gets the wing.  I have an ER experience but I am leaning more towards AE.  I am in touch with AF recruiter and hope to get it moving.  I heard it takes a good year.  Where do you do your weekend drill?  

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    I was basically told three weeks before my flight physical that he was trying to get me oathed in before flight physical. So ??‍♂️
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    I’m also here in SoCal waiting for March AFB to get back to me for flight physical. I did my MEPS beginning of September, been following up and waiting for a response.
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