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  1. yeah ! they said that if you failed they will send letter about a week or 10 days.. Mine took exactly 21 days before it shows up at the website.and additional 1 week before sending me my certificate. wish you the best! You will pass! have faith.
  2. mmysabelle

    Rady Children's San Diego Fall 2019

    how to apply ?
  3. Update: Received letter from CA BON today and it was a large envelope with my certificate on it..
  4. Bad pop up doesn't mean 100% failed.. There are comments that says they had a bad pop but ended up passing.. Wait for the result for max of 6 weeks.. Check BON site and mail.
  5. No did not try to do the trick.. I just checking the CA BON site .. I'm just frequently checking the CA BON site
  6. mmysabelle

    Initial RN License by Exam Status: Pending

    mine showed up at CA BON site after 3 weeks ..
  7. update: after exactly 3 weeks of waiting.. finally I passed! saw my name at BRN Cali .. Glory To GOD!
  8. mmysabelle

    June 28th NCLEX-PN Results (CA)

    when did u received your result?
  9. mmysabelle

    Failed Nclex AGAIN!!!!! HELP!

    how long did you received the cpr from mail?
  10. i know right ... and I dont want to try the trick
  11. Took my exam last september 4 and still waiting for my result.. no name posted at BON site ..