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  1. Firstly THANK YOU for being encouraging rather than condescending. I appreciate it. My floor is ENT, oral max and orthopedic. I honestly like it. It’s what encouraged me to take a look at SICU and OR specialties because that’s where my patients come from. And I like the trend of care and patho of it all. I will take your advice and stop being so anxious and take advantage of what I’m learning! THANK YOU By “ladder” I’m simply referring to where I am vs my end goal. Not putting the specialties in tiers. Thanks
  2. The residency is a total of 6-8 months orienting. After that, I’m just a staff nurse. Thanks for replying. Lol what a reaction!! By God, I just mean I wanna be GREAT. By no means am I trying to be arrogant! I just wanna be the best I can be in all aspects of my specialty! I even have that written on my stethoscope. It’s my motivation!!
  3. Hey guys!!! Im currently a novice nurse in a med surg Residency program in Boston. At one of the larger hospitals- my dream hospital tbh. little background: I worked as an aide in a different hospital system praying for entry cause that hospital is the #1 hospital in the country (hint hint ) but getting in as a nurse was like pulling teeth! I ended up getting a job in a skilled nursing facility aka rehab aka DONT EVER DO THAT lol ( my assignment was always 10+ patients with lots of dressing, wound vacs, TPN, abx THE WORKSSSSS) and within 9 months of rigorous hunting I got the residency position in medsurg (not my favorite but grateful). Anyways, the hospital I work at now is great. My residency program prepared enough for me to work on my own and utilize any resources if needed. Orientation was scheduled for 6-8 months but I was able to be on my own after 4 months (thank God for that wild experience prior). Despite getting off orientation early, I reeeeally feel ready. I still have a little nervousness going into work cause of course I’m responsible for the lives of others but also because my floor is a surgical telemetry floor; all my patients are fresh post op or fresh traumas from the ED needing surgery and things can go south pretty quick. My dream is to be an OR or ICU God one day (I know two completely different parties but I’m young and I’m interested after shadowing). Itching to work my way up the ladder. I was wondering when the best time to make the switch once I feel ready. My hospital policy is 6 months after orientation but I know a year is preferred. Any suggestions? Any suggestions on what I can be doing in the meantime?