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    Thank you so much! How do you like FGC and how has your schedule been, if you don't mind me asking? Oh yes that extra semester has definitely been on my mind... but the shorter commute almost makes up for that I feel like! I am hardly 30 minutes fro...
  2. Santa Fe Spring 2020

    Hi everyone! How have you liked Sante Fe so far? I live about 45 minutes away and am a little worried about the commute, but have heard great things and just want to confirm that! Looking so forward to starting in the fall. ?

    Those who got in how are you enjoying Sante Fe? ? I am currently at FGC and was accepted into both programs with about two weeks left to make my final decision. I have heard great things about Sante Fe, but first hand input is always great!
  4. Santa Fe College ASN Fall 2020 Hopefuls

    Hi everyone, I just got my acceptance! I can’t wait until you all hear as well. ?
  5. FSCJ/UNF Nursing Fall 2020

    Hi everyone! I will be applying to UNF for Fall 2020 also and I’m not sure what a competitive cumulative GPA would be considered? I have a 3.50 cumulative GPA and a 3.96 Pre-rec GPA, but I’m afraid my cumulative is low? If you guys don’t mind shar...
  6. UNF Summer 2020

    That would be amazing! I wonder if they are going to extend the application date since we aren’t able to test through all this going on? ?
  7. UNF Summer 2020

    I feel the same way! Are you local @Bquinlan and @Fawzia Elgamil? It would be great if y’all wanted to try to get together and prep for our TEAS retake and talk things over! I planned to attend the nurse workshop again coming up, but with everyth...
  8. Hi snowflake. You and I are in the same boat and I think we could be helpful to each other through the next few months as we both reapply for the fall. Is there a way we can private message each other on this forum?

  9. UNF Summer 2020

    Thank you! 327 TEAS and 3.96 prereq GPA. Your TEAS is great! But I definitely understand, I’m hoping to improve my TEAS too since Fall is especially competitive. ?
  10. UNF Summer 2020

    It’s best to stay positive! So much happens between now and then, there is such a great chance! What was your TEAS score? I will be retaking mine also and reapplying for Fall, and I would be a transfer student myself.
  11. UNF Summer 2020

    @Bquinlan, I did not get in either and felt confident in my interview. ? @Courtney050, If you don’t mind me asking, what did you change most from fall to now? Did you improve your TEAS score or just focus more on the interview? Congratulations to e...
  12. UNF Summer 2020

    I was 10:30 group 7! ? I planned to try to head to bed early and....sleep in a little bit.... Which has still yet to happen ? We are so much closer to Monday now though! It’s so nice having you guys here, my family is so done with me going over and ...
  13. UNF Summer 2020

    I still have no idea how I am going to get through this weekend, LOL! I hope everyone did great also. @Courtney050, what group were you in? I think we may have interviewed together!
  14. UNF Summer 2020

    So I haven’t actually been to the ballroom the workshop is in, but at “so you want to be a nurse...” the sign in table was before you walked into the room to sit down, so in the front when you walk in near the sign in table? Since sign in doesn’t sta...
  15. UNF Summer 2020

    Sounds good to me, See you guys tomorrow then! ☺️