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  1. Hello all, I work in PICU staffed by many nurses who have no experience caring for adult patients. I see a lot of nurses trying to change diapers and reposition larger patients in the same manner as they might an infant or toddler. This is, obviously, not safe for the patient or the nurse. I am trying to find some material for this year's credentialing which addresses the issues with these behaviors. However, I don't want something that focuses solely on proper body mechanics. I need data that helps me explain to these nurses that what they are doing is bad for them and their patients and how they can determine when a child has become too large for typical pediatric body mechanics. Thanks in advance!
  2. Devinthebrave

    Advice on CMV

    So, I was a school nurse in a preschool setting where this was also an issue. I devoted a portion of our professional development to the topic because of it. I explained how it was spread and that most of us have already been exposed. It’s just like any other virus. I told my teachers not to lick the kid or drink from his sippy cup and they should be fine. If she’s that worried, she can go to her doctor and have her titers drawn to see is she’s immune. Then maybe she’ll feel better.
  3. Devinthebrave

    Sibling Visits in the PICU

    Hello! I am working on developing a guideline for sibling visits in the PICU where I am the nurse educator. When I first began working in my unit, about 12 years ago, we did not allow any children under the age of 13 years at the bedside unless a patient was dying. Since I then, we have become very inconsistent for when and how we allow young siblings to visit. Often, depending on which intensivist and/or charge nurse was on duty. We recently rolled out a new visitation policy and I am working with child life to figure out the best plan for sibling visits that would be consistent, safe and supportive of both the patient and their family. I'm interested to hear the practice in your institution. For reference, we are a 14 bed unit, 9 of those are private or double occupancy. The others are in an open bay, separated by curtains. We run CRRT and ECMO occasionally.

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