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Hani has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-I and specializes in NICU, L&D, Public Health.

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  1. Hani

    They locked up all the masks in security 😳

    I work in the county public health building and people come in all day asking for boxes of masks. As if we are just handing them out. We will offer them one mask but that's not what they really want. I can't imagine them being locked up from nurses' access, that's incredible. I hope they can figure out a better system.
  2. Hani

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    This is the first thread I've seen about it.
  3. Hani

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Oh goodness no. Miller's book should be no guide, please. As for the OP, I am just curious should your role be educating as a DNP what do you plan to tell the public, your patients, students, whoever your audience would be, about vaccines, mostly about the flu vaccine?
  4. Hani

    Is this a hostile work environment?

    I'll be honest. I read the updated, edited version and I still can't put it all together. I'm sorry OP.
  5. PlS82

    Hi Hani, my previous post did not post correct. I have reposted and always appreciate response!

  6. Hani

    Is this a hostile work environment?

    Wait, you were suspended for 30 days? I'm having a hard time parsing your post, you're probably upset so I get it, but I can't understand what happened at all.
  7. Hani

    Is this rude or is it just me?

    This can't be a real nurse. Has to be a troll.
  8. I doubt it. It might stop you from getting some particular positions depending on who is hiring but I have hand tattoos and so do several of my co-workers. I've been a nurse over 20 years and I haven't found it to be a problem. I have seen tons of paramedics with them but I have never been in the hiring environment in that case so I can't answer as clearly there. I would NOT let it stop me. Best of luck!!
  9. deleted- read too fast and missed that you hadn't had an offer from the new place, so nevermind.
  10. Hani

    Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    Same here. Saaaaaaame. ArmyRntoMD you are something else lol. Glad there was a program where your degree progression worked out, that's all that matters in the end.
  11. Hani

    Doctors offended by TV show about nurses

    Hjem med Jul (Home for Christmas) is a pretty cute show with a nurse as the main character. It's Norwegian but it's on Netflix with subtitles.
  12. Hani

    Oversight from nonclinical staff?

    Inversely I wouldn't let a CEO make me do anything nursing-wise even if it were "safe".
  13. Hani

    Pregnant RN working in LTC

    Yup, worked up til I went in labor with all four, it's pretty normal. That's not to say everyone does that, every pregnancy and every woman is different, however being pregnant shouldn't preclude you from accepting it in and of itself. There might be other reasons the job doesn't suit you, I don't think I could handle 15 pts but I have never done LTC and maybe that is normal. Edited to add congratulations on the pregnancy!
  14. Hani


    I get 5 weeks vacay, sick accrues same as vacay, then 2 personal preference days, paid government holidays off, the mayor sometimes gives us bonus time off and we also accrue time from thank you notes from other staff. a week funeral leave I am on the state pension plan (is that how you call it? I got so lucky with that as they don't even offer it anymore) and contribute to my own 401k they don't add to that. $1200/year into my HSA account and free HDHI for the whole family. The rest I have to buy into, short term disability, can't remember what else. I'm in the rocky mountains.
  15. For the last however many years my hospital jobs (well, the one I do now too) were all computer charting and entering, say, an elevated BP, it never popped up anything from the MAR, they were like different systems. I can't recall ever getting a prompt from entering in vitals or assessments. That's super cool though, I'd have loved to have had that. When I first started everything was paper. I think we had one computer on the unit
  16. Hani

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    There really are jobs in nursing for almost everyone. My public health job is sooo chill compared to the hospital. But even the hospital, unit depending, can have really slowed down unstressful shifts. It all get so much easier after you get comfortable in a place and find your rhythm. Do not give up!

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