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    Declaratory Order CA

    Just get the conviction dismissed pursuant to pc 1203.4 and you'll have a negative conviction history on the school 3rd party background check. Unless you have a clinical site that's federal or state and does fingerprinting then it will be undiscovered. But even so a 6 year old dui won't likely prevent clinical placement.
  2. So you're saying in your state, at your hospital, you can adversely access an otherwise expunged criminal record due to the fact that a state licensing board used the record in determining licensure? Are you in a private hospital?
  3. So in Rn school about to start clinicals. Here's the story... 2005 misdemeanor conviction in CA, conviction expunged in 2008. I was cleared for clinicals in 2008 and 2012 as my criminal record is negative due to expungement. Fast forward to 2014, in obtaining a state license as an lvn I was given a probationary license due to the 2005 expunged record. Now this license action shows on the school background check, but no criminal convictions. Any problems with getting placed for clinicals I should anticipate? Please stick to clinical placement only, I'm well aware of the BON. Assembly bill 2138 takes effect in 2020 prohibiting any CA licenses agency from denying based on an expunged record. Any intelligent thoughts are welcome