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  1. Hello Everyone, 

    I’m a new NP graduate and I’m needing some advice on negotiation and choosing a job. My first option is a county jail. I would work 8-4 Monday through Friday, no holidays/weekends, but would have to take call for one week out of the month Monday -Sunday... they mentioned I wouldn’t get extra pay for the call. I really like the idea of working with the patient population and think it would give me good clinical experience to build upon. It’s also a 5 minute drive, which is a bonus. 

    The second option is a pain clinic Monday-Thursday, 10 hr shifts. No call no weekends. The pay is based off of productivity, which I’m still not completely clear on, and the commute is 40 mins. I think a speciality might make me less marketable if I ever want to move around in the profession. 

    Any advice? 

    1. "nursy"

      "nursy", RN

      Just my 2 cents having worked in the prison system.  I loved the job and I loved working with inmates.   Not a day didn't go by that I didn't hear "thank you ma'm"  or "appreciate you ma'm."  (certainly didn't hear a lot of that in bedside nursing).    The downside is that in correctional medicine, corrections is FIRST and medicine is an afterthought.  The reason medical even exists in prisons is because of lawsuits, so they provide the bare minimum that they can get away with.  Which means you will be tightly regulated on what you can and cannot do, all based on affordability.  That's not the bad part.  The bad part is that corrections attracts a lot of  dysfunctional  and marginal employees, and the  system tolerates them because they are always short staffed and need warm bodies.  I worked with nurses that were drug addicts and obviously impaired on the job;  nurses that came in 2 hours late EVERY day.   It was routine that we ran out of needed medical supplies because they weren't ordered on time, and nobody cared.  I could go on and on.  And my facility was one of the BETTER ones!    Also, you won't be working for the prison itself, but whoever it contracts with to provide medical services.   Those contracts can and do change, and I've seen people lose hundreds of hours  of PTO (among other things)  because of a new contract that would not honor the terms of the old contract.  I loved the job and it was a great experience, but eventually I had to leave to preserve my sanity.  


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