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  1. Hi! I just saw you were accepted into GCC. Congratulations and I envy you, because gcc was my first choice. I was accepted into county and college of the canyons and wanted to let you know that I am 90% sure I will go to coc rather than county. I believe county is superior to coc and glendale, but I am pregnant with my second baby and I believe that coc is more accommodating than county. I just wanted to let you know that my spot will likely open by Beginning of December. Good luck!!!

    1. itscindy


      Hi Heidi!

      Congratulations on your acceptance to CoC and county! Thanks so much on messaging me about giving up your spot at CONAH. This community is amazing. I was already given my spot back for county so I’ll be declining GCC soon! I hope that means spots open up for GCC and maybe you’ll get some good news from them too.

      Good luck on your nursing journey!! Hugs 🙂


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