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BChandler specializes in Nephrology.

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    From Nephrology Patient to Nephrology RN

    I was always very honest with both my school of nursing and my physicians. I did have one professor who was very harsh with me and told me I should have chosen a different profession, a happen to have a check up with my transplant surgeon just a few days after. So, with tears running down my face, I asked, " Should I not be a nurse??" He smiled at me and asked if if washed my hands, I said yes... he said do you use your PPE.... I replied yes.... and he told me that as a transplant recipient, the majority of us are just more aware. We are more cautious, and as long as we stay that way, we have just as much right as anyone else to follow our dreams. My surgeon even called the professor. I never had another problem. Having said all that, prior to joining Fresenius, I worked with post surgery patients, med surg patient, and even floated the ED. I always wash my hands, I always wear my PPE, and have never had an issue.