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  1. Neonatal Nurse Questionaire--help me out!

    I'm a junior in high school taking a Health Careers course under Pamela Crowhurst (LVN) and CTE instructor, I need to interview a Neonatal Nurse for my job exploration report. I have a short list of questions and it would help a great deal if you would answer them, I would be very grateful!

    What do you think the top 3 qualities that a Neonatal Nurse must have?

    What do you enjoy the most about being a Neonatal Nurse?

    The least?

    What is the typical salary of a Neonatal Nurse?

    What hours/shift do you work?

    What are your daily responsibilities and duties?

    Why did you choose Neonatal Nursing?

    What advice would you give to someone considering this nursing career?

    Any other information on Neonatal Nursing is welcome. If you do answer these questions, please email me: umundozai@gmail.com or post it here. Thank you!!


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