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  1. We had a student that had a major seizure last night that had her end up in the ER. She was dismissed at 11 p.m., but was at school today. Is there a policy of kid's returning to school after a bigger seizure? Mom is working on Health Plan and emergency medication today. Thanks
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    oh great. thank you
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    RN, School Nurse

    I'm a school nurse. We have many kids with chronic conditions that require medication. Parents can be very lackadaisical when it comes to bringing in their children's life saving meds (Epi-Pen, Diazepam, Albuterol, etc) and Emergency Action Plans (signed by DR with specific instructions). I'm curious how other schools handle non-cooperative parents that find one excuse after another, and simple not bring in emergency medication. Who is liable in case of an emergency and no medication on hand? School? Parent? How much time do you give the parent to provide emergency medication before you take the next step? What is your next step? Thanks