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    I'm checking in and letting everyone know how things are going. After my first day nerves things have gotten better HOWEVER. I have noticed some things. I feel that I am the subject of bullying by this instructor. I am an older student returning to school, and not sure if the instructor is partial to me for some reason. She has not been realistically assessing me or what I have been doing correctly. She is going off a minute or two observation and making huge asssumptions about my abilities. If I have to try to log in a second time on the computer she makes the assumption I have weak computer skills. etc. Her reaction to something I do, and then what another student does, even if the same thing is harder on me than on them. A student forgot to document parts of an assessment and so did I. I missed one thing, she missed 6 things, but pulled me aside and verbally reprimanded me like a child, and simply told her she is missing some things. This is the secod time I have run into this kind of behavior with a clinical instructor. Does anyone have advice on this matter? She pulled me aside and had me stay after class the last time regarding my first day, this time she pulled me into a private sitting corner, and verbalized how she thinks I can't do some things, that I know I CAN do. (she said my computer skills are not great and it takes me long to get things logged--I know it doesn't take me longer than others) I am feeling very threatened at this point and not sure if I need to just keep quiet or say something.
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    I need an opinion. I had my first day of clinicals today in a hospital setting. Of course nervous as I have an instructor that does not like to be asked questions, and is not willing to provide help. We were assigned a patient and had a partner. My job was to obtain vitals and complete the paperwork while the other did the assessment. I began by looking round the room and not able to find a BP cuff. I asked my instructor who was standing there observing my partner and she did not answer. I continued to look as I then took a temp. After the temp and pulse, I still did not see it. The instructor asked why I was just standing there after 6 minutes in a mean tone. I told her I could not find the cuff and she said to follow the cord from the wall. (I forgot it was on the wall and hanging on the siderail!) Duh. I then found it and took the BP. I will admit I was super nervous and not at all familiar with hospital BP cuff storage area. Later in the day the teacher also allowed the person who was to do paperwork (me) all day to get an assessment in. I failed to get everything in, by mistake! I was so preoccupied with how to enter vitals in the computer (it was assumed we would figure out where and how to enter these in) and how to find things to perfect my paperwork that I forgot to complete the assessment. Ok here I screwed up! I was also very focused on the fact I was the nurse in charge of the paperwork and it was not DONE! The instructor asked to speak to me after class and told me I am failing and not doing well based on the days activities. I'm feeling so discouraged and find it hard to imagine how this will progress. Now I'm afraid to even be in this clinical, feeling very unsupported as a student. I'm ok with assumptions at times but I was hoping for some support and ability to ask if I'm not sure, ESPECIALLY on the first day when my nerves are in knots. I guess my lack of confidence in not knowing my way around showed today, but I felt that was kind of uncalled for from the instructor, day one observation only is not fair but this is only my opinion.