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  1. Hi LibraSunCNM, ASIA/Schoenfeld syndrome is one of my concerns. Hi Nursej22, As far as aspects of immunology that we still don't understand - there are many. For example, autoimmunity. Sure, we know what's happening, but why? Is it genetic, environmental? Both? Neither? There is some genetic component to a lot of autoimmune disorders, but not all. Roles and functions of cells, receptor function and identities are being discovered every day. Even lymph vessels were discovered fairly recently in the brain.
  2. Coopsalot

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Congrats all! I got into Abilene but Dallas was my first choice. I'm happy but also sad, which is a strange feeling. I noticed that the mandatory orientation on December 16th is in Lubbock - is that for everyone? That's quite a trek for those of us in Dallas or San Antonio...so just curious.
  3. Coopsalot

    Texas Tech-Accelerated BSN Spring 2020

    Jessica, I didn't feel like I interviewed well, either - definitely wasn't myself! I keep thinking I probably blew it Atxmitch, thanks for the info. Makes the waiting a little easier...