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  1. Handling med errors

    Hey guys, I am a new RN working in assisted living and I have a delimma. Today I was doing some chart audits and noticed some missing medication administrations from the same person this weekend. it appears that 8-10 people or more didn’t recei...
  2. Professionalism investigation

    The ladies Actual complaint was that she didn’t “like” my questions. She was clearly having a bad day and felt the need to take it out on me. I agree with karma! There was an investigation but there was nothing unprofessional about asking questions a...
  3. Professionalism investigation

    Well, I finally spoke with the director of the program who informed me that my “complaint” was considered unprofessional behavior. This was in an email from the lady I previously discussed. The unprofessional behavior they reported me for was I asked...
  4. Professionalism investigation

    I am an LPN-BSN student with the craziest story. Today I went to finish on boarding for my final clinical and semester: Mind you I have been to this same hospital 3 times now. We’re two weeks into the semester I still have not heard when my 130 hour...