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  1. NortheRN

    New SRNA - How do I get loans?

    I will be starting school in 2020. I was wondering what everyone has done for loans to pay for CRNA school??
  2. NortheRN

    Michigan State 2020

    Does anyone have insight on MSU's clinical rotations? What specialty rotations MSU offers? Their website is not helpful in identifying the types of cases the students will receive throughout the program.
  3. NortheRN

    Michigan State Anesthesia DNP

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody is familiar with Michigan State's DNP program. I am looking to apply next year and their website does not provide much information in regards to their specialty rotations. If someone has insight on this school and the clinical experience, it would be greatly appreciated. I also sent an email to the program, but why not try here as well to see a student's/former student's perspective. THANKS!

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