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  1. hi slara13 im wondering if you got in the rn lattc program as i read one of your post that said you were still waiting and you were going to go in person

    1. Slara13


      Hi! Yes I went in yesterday morning and I am still on the waitlist. She said I’m on for Fall 2020. So that means their 2 year waitlist is pretty accurate. I’m really hoping that with all that decline acceptance, that it will put somewhere as an alternative for Spring 2020 🤞🏼

    2. BrendaYanili


      2yr? hmm counting the one you applied on i assume .yup thats what i counted too... i just applied Aug. 22, 2019 and Angel said 2_3 semesters so id be starting aug 2021

      ill just be studying meanwhile at home.  

    3. Slara13


      So when I first applied back in Sept of 2018, she said 2-3 semesters. Then when I walked in, it was a total of 4 semesters which is 2 years. Same thing happened to my friend. She was told the same of 2 years. So if you applied Aug 2019 then I would assumed the same 2 years for you (Fall 2021), like you said. 


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